relevant and not so relevant facts about me

I grew up in the kind of small town every teenager wants to get out of.  

I've spent most of my time since then trying to recapture the kind of life I left behind... growing my own food, playing guitar on my porch, and relentlessly photographing people around me, what they do, and the tension between the natural world and our attempt to push it aside.

I approach a camera like a window:  as a means of detachment from whatever lies behind it...  as something to frame my surroundings and focus my gaze...  and as a barrier to be thrown open.

I tend towards the overly elliptical.

I try to treat the lens like a permeable membrane. Sometimes I try to make it disappear.

I wear Birkenstocks without shame.

In photography, as in all relationships, my interest lies in the dynamics of things.  I like to focus on the space in between.  

I’d almost aways rather eat outside.  

I think the best photographs are as much about the photographer as the object of the camera’s gaze.

I always return the shopping cart.

I can fix anything, even if it’s not actually broken.

I routinely suffer from the oft-cliched existential dilemma - who am I, and what do I do?  Taking a photograph helps me quell, even define, if not resolve, the relentless dialogue.

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